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What to Know About Austin Apartments

Agents from Lease in Texas have built relationships with Austin and surrounding area apartment communities to focus on interpreting agreements and presenting you the finer details of the community - including location specifics, security deposits, available specials, and hidden details that might have an effect on your move. 

Why should I lease with Austin Absolute Realty | Lease in Texas?

We've got 6 reasons to lease through Lease in Texas:

Our service is FREE!

We are 100% stress and hassle-free

Our time is flexible, available, and open daily

You get to sit back and join us for a free drive around Austin

We have a huge inventory of apartment communities and their policies

Not only are we licensed professionals, we also smile...we offer superior & welcoming services

How long till I find an apartment?

Finding the right apartment can vary based on the local market and community variations. Our process allows for our clients to find the right apartment and you not settle for less; and while we look through thousands of available units, you can take comfort in our experience and resources. Lease in Texas agents are committed to dedicate an initial 2-3 hours to narrow your selections.

Once I find the right apartment, how long will the application process take?

The application process can take anywhere from a few minutes to 72 hours. This process varies dependent on the apartment community which you are interested.

I have a roommate; Can I submit an application for the both of us?

All applicants over the age of 18 have to submit for one lease; however, if you are a married couple with the same last name, one application is acceptable.

What do you consider a good renter? I don't have the best credit.

We look at a few different criteria when finding you the right apartment. If you do not meet the below criteria, a co-signer or guarantor may be accepted; however, poor rental history cannot be overlooked.

  • Credit History (75% positive)
  • Rental History (6 months positive rental or mortgage history)
  • Gross Monthly Income (2.5 to 3.5 x the monthly rent) - copies of current pay stubs or other proof of employment will be required for submission
  • Criminal Background Check

Don't worry! We have helped renters who have had trouble with the standard application process. All we ask is that you disclose any information to us that could potentially rule you out as a tenant. This helps us pre-qualify your search depending on your credit or rental history. Every property qualifies tenant selection differently.

Based on your needs, we will show you only what is the best fit for you and provide you with a list of selections should you not be able to make an appointment with us. We are tapped into the local hot spots, shopping sites, school ratings, and many other resources so that your next move is smooth.

How do you make money?

Apartment communities are happy to work with us because we have reduced their time and cost for marketing pre-qualified and ready-to-lease customers. As a result, they are happy to compensate us for our time and efforts, at no cost to you. By not using an agent, your rent is not jeopardized; however, using an agent can likely increase your odds of lowering that possible rent and enhance your overall savings.

Again, there is no fee to use our service. Austin Absolute Realty's Apartment Division has over 20 years experience in Real Estate. You have probably searched for apartments a few times in your life; however, we search for apartments on a daily basis and you can count on us for the best local deals.

Should I get Renter's Insurance?

We do not offer Renter's Insurance, but we highly recommend that you obtain renter's insurance for peace of mind at a low monthly cost. We can recommend a few companies to obtain Renter's Insurance quotes.

I have a large dog, where is the best place to lease in Austin with a pet?

Having a pet will not hinder your chances of getting that perfect lease. We have access to apartment communities that do have breed restrictions and size restrictions, but we can narrow the selection for you immediately.

I am ready to buy a home. Once my lease expires, can you find me a new home?

Yes We Can! Austin Absolute Realty was founded on the principles of matching clients to the perfect home and new home community. We've also helped people move-up and relocate in Austin and San Antonio. Once you are ready to search for a home, we can help you find the perfect one - at NO COST to you!